Artist's Statement

As an artist, I believe that true meaning cannot be conveyed by the outer appearance of things, but must be recognized on a deeper level of awareness.    Above all, I consider myself a colorist.  Colors have a great emotional impact for me, and they are always my starting point.   

I believe art is timeless and evokes the spiritual, be it through signs, symbols, colors or forms.   The non-objective forms and textures I use appear in some mysterious way that is very personal.  I deal with abstractions that hint at spirituality and lush colors that create shifting illusions.   For me art represents the timelessness of the human spirit, a never-ending spiraling thread, winding through all ages and cultures, expressing love and passion through the use of color, texture and form.  

I continue to explore the possibilities of line and luminous color while moving into a more three-dimensionally considered space. Along with pushing the picture plane, my paintings create a visual dichotomy between structured (conscious) and unstructured (unconscious) elements. 

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